Two Different Days

There is absolutely no feeling like the one at the end of a day like today.

There are so many of my days where it seems I look back and feel like I messed up so many things. Those days I don’t like to think much about what I’d say to God when I handed the day He gave me back to Him. The words “I’m sorry” seem to be all I can muster some days. Those days I’m thankful for His mercy and grace because it means I don’t have to be good enough to please Him.

Then there are days like today. Today was a good day. At the end of today I was happy to hand my day back to God. It’s similar to how it feels when you’ve found that perfect gift for someone and you just can’t wait to give it to them. I feel like when I hand those days to God I can say, “I did everything I knew to do for You with this.” Those days I’m thankful for His mercy and grace because I know I’m not good enough to have a day like that without Him.

His grace is enough. For our good days and our bad days.

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