A Little Inspiration From The Past


While my and wife and I were visiting The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we got a chance to see Charles H. Spurgeon‘s Bible on display in the library there. He’s a bit of a hero of the faith for me so it was neat to see. However, the inscription left by his eldest son really hit me in the gut. You can read it below.

The inscription reads:

Came into my possession on the death of my dear Mother who wrote “The Bible – father’s constantly used Bible, must be for the elder son, to be ever kept with reverent love as a most precious possession. How often my husband’s dear hands have turned these pages! How often his heart burned within him, as he read this sacred volume and prayed and pondered over its pages!” Incalculably precious to me for father’s sake but even more so for its own.
-October 22, 1903

Gentlemen, I don’t know about you but I pray my wife and future children would be able to say the same thing about me. Let us be men who love the Word and show the Word to our families and all those around us.


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