Where This Blog Is Headed

I thought about shutting this whole thing down.

I never write anything for here. I write elsewhere but never here. The truth is, I hardly write anything unless it’s assigned to me. I can’t tell you how much that saddens me. There was a time (I’ve mentioned this before) that I loved to write. I believe I still do but it certainly doesn’t feel that way at the moment. Nevertheless, there is a lot of writing in my future even if it only involves the writing I do for the Seminary. Although it may not feel as though I like to write at the moment, I do know that I like to do well in my classes. If I’m going to do well, I need to be a better writer. The best way to be a better writer? Write.

So I will.

I’m not exactly sure how that will play out here. I do know that I plan to go back and read my past blogs and delete at least a few. After that, we’ll see.

Here we go!

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